When Her Daughter Became Sick, Mom Made A Huge Sacrifice To Save Her Life. I’m In Tears!


Any good parent says they’d do anything to protect his or her child — but one mother is proving that age-old saying carries some weight.

Kim Lewis never expected she’d be giving up her kidney well into her midlife, but here she is. Her daughter, 17-year-old Sara Lewis, has suffered for the last six years with an autoimmune disease that overtook her kidneys. As an active athlete and avid soccer player, Sara knew has struggled with her ability to be a normal teenager. “It’s tiring. I know a lot of people at school [who say that they’re tired],” she laughs, “but I’m pretty tired too.”

But Sara’s mother was determined to ensure that her daughter lived and full life with all of the normalcies of growing up. She decided to offer her own kidney to give the gift of life to her 17-year-old daughter. “Somebody’s told me, ‘It’s pretty cool how your mom can give you life twice.’ It means the world,” says Sara tearfully.

There’s a very happy ending to this story, and both women are healthy. But if there’s something you take the time to hear tonight, let it be the heartfelt conversation between Sara and Kim pre-surgery. It perfectly captures the special bond that parents have with their children.

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