This Single Mother Was Diagnosed With Cancer. What Her Childhood Friend Did? I’m In TEARS!


Elaine Schwartz is what you might call a once in-a-lifetime friend. When we heard what she’s done to help a childhood acquaintance, we couldn’t help but share their incredible story.

Elaine has known Samantha Mietla since she was small, but neither of them would but neither of them could have ever imagined how deeply their bond would run. Samantha, 42, is a single mother of five who was recently diagnosed with an “aggressive” form of uterine cancer, reports CNN.

“I call this ‘the reluctant journey,’ ” she says through tears, “I mean, it is a journey. I have no choice but to fight this.” So what did Elaine to do help her oldest friend?

When Elaine learned of Samantha’s condition, she sprung into action. Refusing to let her childhood friend shoulder the full weight of her sickness, she stepped in to “try to take away as much as stress and things that didn’t matter so she could just focus on healing.” She wasn’t sure about the best way to help Samantha, and in fact helps in a lot of ways. From cooking for Samantha and her family to taking care of the kids, Elaine does a lot for her friend. But her biggest accomplishment was no doubt raising more than $11,000 through a donation page for Samantha’s treatments. These treatments include combination of chemotherapy and alternative treatment courses like a mostly organic diet. She enlisted local healers, reports CNN, who donated their services free of charge. Elaine is also helping around the house while Samantha undergoes her course of healing. It’s amazing what people are willing to do for others to help them out!

And apparently it’s paying off! Samantha reported that her symptoms have improved and that doctors report a positive difference since she began treatment. We wish her a full recovery and commend Elaine on her incredible acts of compassion.

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