They Bullied Her Because She’s Deaf And Mute. Then She Got On Stage And Stunned Everyone!


The message of this next video is all too important.

Who would Beethoven have been if he’d stopped composing after his hearing deteriorated? Who would Hellen Keller have been if she’d believed in her limitations more than her abilities?

Too often, when we see a person who is different from us, all we think is that they can’t. Maybe the problem is that we can’t adjust our thinking. We’ve just been raised to be so negative!

Just take one look at how much better the world looks when people who hear learn to speak sign language or when we respect the limitless potential of deaf folk.

This video tells the story of a teenage girl who is deaf and mute. She aspires to play the violin but is constantly undermined by her peers. They tease her, scream at her, and some even smash her instrument. It’s heartbreaking because we know that so many people do surrender to their bullies and give up their dreams. The only person that seems to understand her is another deaf musician who panhandles on the street. Fortunately for everyone, these two musicians were able to overcome their disabilities and the disrespect of their peers.

The story is powerful and, if anything, will light a fire under you to pursue your talents, no matter how far out of reach they may seem.

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